Create a Message Slideshow

Making a Flickr Slideshow

Step 1: Begin by selecting the “You” tab at the top of your Flickr homepage. This is your personal area where you may upload new photos, organize sets, and search your photos by “tag”. If you don’t already have a Flickr account, don’t worry! It’s easy to sign up, especially if you have a Yahoo login.

Step 2: Upload your photos to your Flickr account – after you’ve saved and tagged your images you will be taken back to “Your Photostream.”

Step 3: Create a set of related images. Click on the “Organize” tab of your toolbar and select “Your Sets” – now click “Create Your First Set.”

  • At the bottom of the window you should see thumbnails of your uploaded images. Search by tag to add relevant images to your first set (for example, type “Darfur” in the search box and only images with that tag will appear). Drag your images into the new set – you may now also add a title and description to your set.
  • Save your set and click “Your Photostream” to return to your homepage.

Step 4: Select the set you would like to make into a slideshow.

Step 5: Choose a photo from the set by double clicking on the photograph. It will enlarge.

Step 6: Click the “View As Slideshow” icon on the right (it looks like a tiny screen).

Step 7: Play your slideshow – you’re done!!

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