Start Editing

When you’re ready to start editing, import or upload your footage into the editing tool you’ve chosen and make an assembly of the shots you’ve chosen in the order of  your paper edit.

Watch the sequence and evaluate your first impressions.  What was the progression of feeling you had while watching the sequence?  Is that what you want your audience to feel?  Be sure you watch what is on the screen and don’t infer – judge what you have compiled, not what you may wish you had, and consider having folks with ‘fresh’ eyes join you for the first screening.

Key questions to consider:

  • When did you feel like a story was evolving?
  • What parts of the film seem to work? Which drag? Why?
  • Of all the participants, who help your attention the most and why?
  • Does the material you have meet your needs?
  • What kind of metaphorical allusions does the material make?
  • Whose story is this if you go by gut reaction?

At this stage, you’re going to keep enhancing your edit from a rough-rough cut – what you have now – to a fine cut and final film.

Top 5 Tips to Keep In Mind While Editing

  1. Keep it short: Don’t be afraid to cut – or ask for help to cut away the excess.   Be especially wary of poor footage, incomprehensible speech, repetition, distracting or irrelevant sounds and images. To make your video interesting and appealing  make a very short project the first time around.
  2. Tell a story: Whether you are making a feature, documentary, or art piece, remember to tell a story that engages the viewer.
  3. Don’t overdo the effects: A good video can be ruined with too many effects.  If they’re overdone, or they’re not done well, they can be distracting.  Where possible, let the images, sounds, and the people themselves tell the story.
  4. Be creative: Consider the rhythm of your piece.  Pauses in the speech allow the audience to reflect on a powerful point, to enjoy dramatic footage or a joke.
  5. Be patient: Don’t get discouraged if the edit goes slowly.

What’s Next? Check-out Work to Finalize Your Video to take your video to the next step!

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