Windows-Based Editing Tool

All versions of Windows XP and Vista have free access to a basic video editing program, called Windows Movie Maker (WMM).  There are many guides and tutorials online, but this is a great starter from Make Internet TV.

To import files into Windows Movie Maker from your computer:

1. Open WMM, Import into Collections

Open Windows Movie Maker and choose File > Import into Collections (Ctrl + I).

Import from Camera

Browse to the folder, select the videos you want, and click import.

2. Videos Appear in My Collections

Now the footage should appear in the clips library.

Files are in Collections

Single click on a clip and press F2 to rename it.

Trouble Importing or Finding the Video File?

If you cannot use or find the videos, they probably aren’t in a Windows compatible format (the files might end in .mov or .mp4).

You can try converting them to the Windows Media format with the free video transcoding software MediaCoder.

To edit film with WMM:

This is a basic editing tutorial video. For more detailed instructions, try Make Internet TV or WMM’s Help menu.

To export and make your film web-ready:

1. Save a Movie File

Once your video is finalized, use File > Save Movie File (Ctrl + P).

Select Device

Select My computer, and then click Next.

Select Device

Choose a name and a destination, and then click Next.

2. Choose Video Export Quality

Select DeviceFirst, click the Show more choices link.

Select Device

For sharing on the internet, we recommend exporting as Video for broadband (512 Kbps).

For a reasonably high-quality copy that will play back nicely on your computer, choose Best quality for playback on my computer.

If you want a full-quality version, you can choose the DV-AVI setting (the file may take a lot of storage space).

Select Device

Depending on the speed of your computer and length of your video, this process could take a while. Once it’s finished, your finalized movie file will be saved to wherever you specified in step 1.

Most of this great content was taken from Make Internet TV – if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check there next.

What’s Next?  Start Editing

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