Holding Your Camera

How to keep a steady shot – minimise the effects of camera shake.


You can start by getting the grip right. Hold the camcorder firmly with the grip strap tightened over your right hand and always use your left hand to steady and support the camcorder. The best place for your left hand is usually under the lens and this means it is still near to the other controls you may need to use on the camcorder, like zoom or focus.


Keep stability in mind when shooting. You can support your elbows against your chest to help keep your hands stable. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but will soon be second nature when you’re filming, and it will really help stop a lot of camera shake. If you are filming standing up, holding the camcorder at eye-level, try to make sure your footing is secure, and to help you balance, stand with your feet slightly apart. If you are kneeling down you can use the raised knee to prop up the arm that is supporting the camcorder or perhaps there is a fence or a wall that you can sit and lean against to steady your shot, propping the camcorder on your knees.

– avoid camera shake

– grip camcorder firmly

– support your elbows

What Next? Moving with Your Camera

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