3: Film

This section can be a refresher for the experienced filmmaker, or a comprehensive step-by-step guide for those that are just starting to use video.  To support many of you in capturing good video messages on the fly, there are good tips on how to film and quickly upload with small, hand-held devices, such as mobile phones and Flip cameras.

For those that are conducting interviews and creating or remixing a new video, at this stage you should have completed a video action plan and know the core message of your video and the messengers who you think will best articulate why and how your primary audience can help create the change you want to see.  So, it is time to start filming!

In addition to setting-up the interviews with your messengers, you also want to have a ‘content wishlist’ or comprehensive outline of the video, audio and photographs that will best support your video.

With this great planning, you’re ready to grab your (charged) equipment and start creating your advocacy video!

First, watch this video from WITNESS with tips on how to film, conduct a great interview and get content to best support your video.

Below you will find links to tips and tricks that will help you improve the quality of your footage and to make your message more effective.

Check out basic filming techniques, camera movements, shot compositions, lighting to help create a great video – and tips to help you avoid creating a bad video. Also, we will continue to stress the importance of good and consistent audio, which can make or break a film.

Remember that the better your final product, the more powerful your message will be.  Good luck!

SPOTLIGHT: Using your mobile phone

What’s Next? Primary Visual Components of Your Video

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