Video Advocacy 101

What’s the best way to introduce video advocacy?  Well, video!  This short WITNESS spotlights some of the key components to a great advocacy video. Please watch it before continuing.

The five pillars below will be reiterated (again and again) throughout this guide, and for a reason: they are essential ingredients to a successful advocacy video.

5 Pillars of Video Advocacy

  1. Video for a specific reason, not about something – have a clear, SMART goal for your video
  2. Know your audience – whose eyes, not how many eyes, is what matters
  3. Know the action you want your audience to take
  4. Choose the best message and messengers to move your audience to action
  5. Choose the right time and the right place to ensure your audience sees your video(!!)

Remember: Know the change you want to see and who has the power to create that change!

Advocacy videos are for a specific purpose – to help create the change you want to see in the world.   For example, though a video about the lack of water access in El Salvador may be insightful and useful to activists working for water rights, an advocacy video will have a clearly-defined plan that works to ensure that the video is created to support a specific call for action (such as legislation requiring private and public water providers provide water to all persons) and messages that are delivered by people (messengers) that will move the audience to create the change you want.

What’s next? 10 Questions to Answer Before You Film

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